I’m on Assignment

As we continue to follow the Path to Reigning, I want to announce we are moving from purpose management…BACK to ESTHER’S CALL! Yes, the teaching calls are returning. This is exciting because we began almost three years ago with the Esther 2 study. This time we move forward with the understanding of how to administrate purpose. The blog entries for this month and next month will build the bridge from purpose management back into Esther’s call.

Today, I want to share some of my notes from a message by Pastor Brian Nelson (Jericho City Houston/Dallas) called “I’m on Assignment.” Please read Psalm 105:17-19.

  • Destiny is not a place to be reached. It is God’s original plan and came with me when I was born. I’m already in destiny. Therefore, every moment is a moment of fulfillment of destiny. Does this mean that the bad things are part of destiny? No, but with destiny comes challenge (struggle). Some things have to be so for my destiny.
  • We must be processed for our purpose. Joseph’s destiny brought him to chains. Sometimes our steps can be ordered into what looks nothing like the promise. We have to learn how to endure what was not in our dream. Joseph saw the stars, but betrayal, the pit, and prison were not in the dream.
  • Joseph was “sent” (v. 17). This means he was strategically placed. There was an assignment to suffer.
  • The Word tested him until the Word came to pass (v. 19). The test is for the Word’s sake.

In this next part of Esther’s call, we want to marry the concepts of providence and purpose. Providence is how God promoted Esther and set her apart for a later time. Purpose is the message and ministry God gave each of us to reconcile others to Christ (2 Corinthians 5:18-19). Promotion is exciting, and promotion hurts. It opens new doors to which we had no access before, and it creates another form of separation and/or isolation. Keep this in mind…there is a reason for promotion.

Selah, and love to all.

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