Your Purpose Belongs to You

Are you the Gifted Girl who makes deposits, makes withdrawals, or both? I think we should be both a person who gives and who knows how to receive. We might also be watchful of who is present and “on time” to make withdrawals from us but are careful to not make deposits into us.


These are words and deeds that enhance our whole person (spirit, soul and body). This enhancement comes through equipping, encouragement, challenge and even correction. It makes us better. Deposits are substantive and meaty, and when we make deposits it stays with a person. What God gave us to develop, grow and produce has purpose in someone else. Are you making these deposits?


These are the words and deeds we take (by asking) and receive freely for our personal benefit. We seek out the wisdom of a mentor, or pull on the expertise of a friend in a certain subject matter. Withdrawals are part of the administration of purpose. How do we know what we can do or how we can impact others if we do not authorize our gifts, talents, skills and purpose to be of service?

Balance Sheet

The potential problem is when we “balance our books.” Sadly, there are people who are better at receiving (and justifying their worthiness to only receive) than they are at giving or making deposits. When we discover our “books” (that is, our physical, mental, emotional, or any other state of being) are out of balance, two things happen.

  1. We become aware of our deficits
  2. We become protective in a kind of paranoid way of what is left

Today, I offer an alternative. I say, let’s become PROACTIVE. Create constant awareness and develop sensitivity to first, those who we take from more. I dare say that on the Path to Reigning we do NOT want to be guilty of too many withdrawals. Next, we want to watch who takes from us more than they give.

Consult your checkbook register (or your online statement, for you techies). Beyond benevolence and gift giving, who receives a good deal of your natural resource and does not reciprocate? Check your energy level: who drains you? Look at how you steward your gift/anointing…who uses you, pulls on you, and sometimes wears you out, but then does not pour back into you when they have an opportunity?

Your purpose belongs to God through obedience. Your purpose belongs to others by loving them enough to obey God. And, your purpose belongs to you because you are responsible for how you develop and multiply what God gave you.

Kingdom Queens, manage well. Don’t notice the deficit and in a frenzy withdraw…but use wisdom. And most of all, while you create more awareness about the people in your life judge wisely with whom you will share your treasure.

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