Characteristics of Esther

This is a great list that sums up some of the things we covered (and some we didn’t) in Esther’s Call. It was developed by Niasha Hawkins, Dallas, Texas. It blessed me, and I hope it is a blessing to you. If you were with us in Esther’s Call, then I know it will!

  1. She accepted her faith no matter what the consequences.
  2. She knew when to ask for help spiritually through Fasting & Prayer
  3. She made sure her physical appearance was good when she went in to see her husband
  4. She submitted to Godly training from Mordecai, the cousin God has appointed in her life.
  5. She knew how to gain favor with man
  6. She submitted to beauty treatments and special food which enhanced her
  7. She trusted in the authority of Mordecai in her life
  8. She had great wisdom to know how to handle any situation
  9. She gave credit where credit was due
  10. When she asked for something, it had great purpose
  11. She was wise enough to understand the whole matter before responding
  12. She realized God’s timing
  13. She knew God’s warning even when it came out of the mouth of his servant Mordecai
  14. She had courage
  15. She required those closest to her to fast as she did
  16. She knew how to set a plan for God to show his power
  17. She knew what to use to gain an advantage for her request
  18. She knew how to wait for the right moment to speak
  19. She chose her words wisely
  20. Her reward was great but she did not mind passing on her blessing
  21. She knew when it was time to weep & mourn
  22. She knew how to speak sweet words to her husband to make him feel like a king
  23. She knew that after you have done all you can do then the Lord will handle the rest
  24. She knew when it was time for justice
  25. She knew when it was time to write a law down, decree a thing, & make it plain to establish the future of God’s people.

9 Comments on “Characteristics of Esther

  1. As a student studying the old testament as part of my health administration course, this text is helpful in understanding the book of Esther and
    also pass exams.Super text. Moses

  2. This is so powerful, I am amazed and motivated to faithfully Ask God to equip me with the characteristics of Queen Esther, she marked her role and passed it. Thank you

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