Day: February 17, 2012

Characteristics of Esther

This is a great list that sums up some of the things we covered (and some we didn’t) in Esther’s Call. It was developed by Niasha Hawkins, Dallas, Texas. It blessed me, and I hope it is a blessing to you. If you were… Continue Reading “Characteristics of Esther”

Your Purpose Belongs to You

Are you the Gifted Girl who makes deposits, makes withdrawals, or both? I think we should be both a person who gives and who knows how to receive. We might also be watchful of who is present and “on time” to make withdrawals from… Continue Reading “Your Purpose Belongs to You”

Scot Loyd


Angel Jones

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Watchman Prophet

"In the darkness of night, I wait expectantly for understanding and knowledge for your people."

ladies loving god by Tonika Breeden

Rooted Grounded Fixed and Founded in the Love of God

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