Cover Girls

By now, you may experience some resistance with your enlightenment as you refine your purpose statement and develop and begin to enforce your governing values. This is good. You may also experience some discomfort, some change, and some challenge. This is also good. Now, let’s push even further.

Cover Girls?! Yes. Cover Girls. A thought came this morning: who is using you (me) for cover? I do not refer to the safe concept of covering: protection, nurture, or even you out front in your ordained place (like the magazine cover girls). Instead, I refer to the unsafe concept of collusion (a secret agreement or conspiracy for fraudulent purposes), where someone(s) deceptively takes what is good about you and uses it against you to protect them in their sin, their wickedness or their debilitating weakness. In no way do I promote suspicion. I encourage you to search your life, examine your connections, and challenge your heart as you guard it.

You cannot evaluate you and I cannot evaluate me without an equal assessment of those with whom we fellowship. You may start from the outside and work your way to your closest relationships. Or, you may boldly challenge your heart to examine the real benefits of those most intimate relationships and then work out to acquaintances, etc. Wherever you start and however you proceed, please take a look above your head and see if anyone is using you to cover their fraud. Check your extremities (aches and pains) and make sure the stretching is of God.

When you know for certain who you are, why (and for whom) you exist,
as well as what assignment you must accomplish,
then you know who you are not. 

The Path to Reigning is bound by the will of God. It is a path that leads to life. You know something about divine life? It is the LIGHT of men (John 1:4). You know something about this LIGHT, as you give it full access to all parts of your life? The darkness cannot comprehend… cannot overpower… the LIGHT. God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119:105).

Kingdom Queens, dig deeper and stay longer in the meditation place. The LIGHT is shining on the Path. Dr. Bertha Brown of the Ark of Safety International Ministries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana says, “What you see is what you see. You need to ask God what to do about what you see.”

Let the light reveal any false cover, any fraud, any collusion. Let the light consume the script someone else wrote for you… something else wrote for you… some memory, some pain wrote for you. GOD ALREADY WROTE THE BEAUTIFUL DETAILS OF YOUR LIFE! That is the script we live by: HIS and HIS alone, with no edits, and certainly with no notes from another.

As we walk the Path, let’s seek the community and fellowship of those who in TRUTH and LOVE (the Bible way) will spur us on to good works in Christ. Let’s allow God to work out of and into us what He wants so that we can attract to us like-minded people who in the full disclosure of LIGHT will help us BE who we are, and are becoming.

With sincerest love, Kingdom Queens. Selah.


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