Governing Values

For as many people as I ask “What are your values,” there is likely a different set of answers. And that is fine. The issue I take (and hence, the focus of this next session on the Path) is that we live what we value. Already. Do not tell me “compassion” is a value that governs your life and you are selfish. Likewise, I will not tell you that “honesty” or “integrity” are my values when I make a lie or half-truth my first option. It does not fit.

Now, the other side is this: as we grow and mature so do our values. Some of what I insisted was important to me in my teen years or even in my twenties is not as “crucial” to me today. Why? Because I learned new lessons that put those values in a different perspective. And, that is fine too.

Another general example is for a believer in Jesus Christ to say absolutely that she is “led by the Holy Spirit” but consistently walks (lives) in the flesh. [See Galatians 5:19-25. The life of the Spirit and the life of the flesh are manifest.] She gives herself no permission to grow… or learn… or change… or be converted. And so becomes a hearer only, deceiving herself. [See James 1:22.]

This next stop on the Path to Reigning challenges us all to examine carefully our VALUES. What consciously or unconsciously GOVERNS, RULES, or GUIDES our lives? Is it –that belief, that way of thinking, that tradition, that letter-of-the-law mentality– serving us well so that we are fulfilling our assignments?

Keep in mind that governing values are NOT priorities. Priorities are born from values, the inward emphasis we place on people, places, things, and beliefs. I hope you’re still tracking with us. Now that we understand God’s providence (Esther), and embrace the call to do what is required (Abigail), let’s continue on toward the throne (purpose fulfilled).

See you on the Path

Selah, and love to all.

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