Death by Humility (The Power of Intreating)

As I further explore Abigail’s words to David, I am more in awe of “the holy women of old who trusted God” (1 Peter 3:5). Abigail was not present when Nabal offended David. She had no direct knowledge of the incident, but was left to clean up the mess. She interceded, moved quickly, and became God’s instrument of mercy and healing.

Her method? EXTREME HUMILITY. Why extreme? She said to David once she met him and interrupted his charge toward her home, “I will take the blame.” WOW. What a woman! She offered to take the blame for a situation her husband caused. How would we respond for the lives of others? [Note: This is not martyrdom. This is intercession.] Abigail met David and fell to the ground, with her face to the ground, and made her plea.

A saying made popular in recent years about the body of Christ is that we are the only army that kills our wounded. But, how do we heal the wounded? Not much is said or lived frequently enough to be a counter-culture movement…YET. Modern culture (parenting, as well as media and social messages) and feminist “girl power” mocks the Christlike nature of humility. And, on occasion, the Body supports this proud approach to healing. Sounds like a contradiction, right? It is!

The wounded. Who are they? Well, they whine and wince from the pain while saying “I’m okay” or “Give me drugs.” They are at an obvious disadvantage physically (natural limitations), mentally (because the pain is the primary focus), emotionally (because they are incomplete they can’t give the best of themselves), financially (because they spend to “medicate” the pain), and spiritually (because they relate to God and scripture through their pain).

David was a wounded man in 1 Samuel 25. He was a man very much alone, exhausted, rejected, fearful, questioning, unsure about his future, in physical danger, emotionally bankrupt, and he asked for food from Nabal, a very rich man who had it to spare. Nabal not only rejected the request, but attacked David’s identity (he was anointed king).

This is the man Abigail met on the hidden side of a mountain. This is the man for whom she threw herself to the ground and offered EXTREME HUMILITY. Was there another appropriate response? Exhortation? You know, that “you can make it” stuff? What about prophecy? You know, that “God’s gonna do this or that” stuff?  She brought the food he requested originally, but she had to DO SOMETHING now. She had to SAY SOMETHING. She was the agent of change and healing God sent to minister to a wounded David. She killed her position as mistress of her home. She killed her own identity. She killed excuses…before she could offer them. And she humbled herself.

Humility kills us…not the “us” God is leading through ascension, but the “us” that is not yet conformed to the image of Christ. I suggest that without living through the regenerate nature of Christ, we (you and I) WANT to kill the wounded. But, Abigail is speaking in this season. She’s speaking through her actions and her words. She’s showing us how to take blame–not receive it, not carry it, not make it our own– and how to have an audience to offer words of hope, life and love to the wounded.

Is it worth it to “lay out” before David with extreme humility? Yes. We find in the latter half of 1 Samuel 25 that David heard Abigail’s words, acknowledged God sent her, received encouragement about his purpose and agreed to spare all the lives he planned to kill.

It is a real death…by humility. I hope you’ll keep walking The Queen Life with me.


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