Abigail’s Call: From Foundation to Transition

I’m excited to report that the foundation is set! Three months and seven calls later, we are now ready to appreciate Abigail’s words to David. Let’s trace our progress so far…

We now understand the Way of Holy Women…pure lifestyle, godly fear, meek & quiet spirit, submission, good deeds, and fearlessness

We now practice walking as women of good understanding…showing good judgment (discreet), shrewd in the management of practical affairs (prudent),  applying wisdom, using intelligence, and walking circumspect (considering pros and cons).

And, by now, we sure see the importance of a quiet spirit. Remember quiet does not mean silent, just immovable from focus.

We can now better identify “Nabal-type covenants.” These are affiliations that tie us to the son of Belial. And, we can better identify and discern David who (1) grieves at the removal of Samuel’s voice and (2) runs for his life from his mentor Saul.

And, as modern-day Abigail’s, we now know the power in our arms. That is, the power we carry. These are the strengths of being hidden, offering quick humility and going low to show honor.

All of this brings us to the turning point…THE POWER OF INTREATING… From this point, we begin picking apart Abigail’s words to David. What do YOU say to an anointed man on the edge whose identity has been challenged? Yes, you build. We know that is the right answer. But how do you build?

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands. — Proverbs 14:1, KJV

A word now crucial to this part of our study is INTREAT. These days, modern definitions render the word ENTREAT, which means to make an earnest petition, to plead, urgent prayer, and to offer a treaty. In Scripture, there are references to both Entreat (negative) and Intreat (positive). For this study, we go forward with INTREAT and the following working definition:

IN – to confine in, to restrict on all sides completely, to cause to be in

TREAT – handle, behave or act toward, regard in specific manner, give medical care


We know that Abigail’s words had a positive and healing effect on David. She drew him in and caused him to be in her care… Note that this is not seduction. This is INTREATY for the purpose of both saving life (Abigail’s household) and restoring life (David).

This is where we are headed on the ascent into The Queen Life…onward and upward. The challenge is real: will you and I choose to allow the further formation of character to become women of good understanding? To be led along a selfless path that yields lasting fruit? To be sent by God to the “troubled anointed” and speak softly for life to be spared? It is noble, yes, but the price is high. This is not the price we often speak of paying “for the anointing,” or “for this place I’m in with God.” No. This is the price we pay just to know Him, just to be “on call” to rise up in crisis and be used to spare life.

It will ALWAYS benefit Abigail (and us) to keep the larger picture in mind.

Selah…and let’s keep walking.

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