My genesis…The In-Between Queen

gen•e•sis – the origin or coming into being of something

I am literal. Seriously, I am one of the most literal people…ever. That has some great benefits—sensitivity to/of conviction, a strict adherence to rules (that’s an understatement! generally speaking, I love rules!), strong sense of right and wrong, and an ability to look at things for what they are… On the other hand, being so literal leaves me vulnerable in certain areas—humor, feeling, flexibility, and so on.

In my study of first Esther and now Abigail, I realize my delayed response… Yes, these studies are Word-based, which means they are living, powerful, and possess the power to change me. And trust, I’ve been affected by these teachings…FIRST. But in being a literal person, my delayed response was this: I am studying who I am becoming. To some, this may seem a simple novice-level observation. Like, Duh! You’re studying queens! What did you think God would do with you?!

Yeah, yeah. I know. There goes literal me…in pursuit of God’s heart, and I run into me. I am on God’s heart. I am His desire. I am His focus. And I’m just seeing it. My visions of me are merging; what I see in a mirror on a wall, and what I see in the mirror of God’s Word are becoming one. Prayers for wholeness are manifesting, and life is good. Beyond my black-and-white sense of things and slow-to-respond nature of observance, the time is here. My time is now.

Somewhere in the middle of all this is The Queen Life… I live all these years to arrive at a beginning! Isn’t that something? Our God is amazing. I once thought it important that those closest to me SEE my change to validate it. I find that is not necessarily true. While I appreciate endorsement and encouragement and support, what I most embrace is the opening of my own eyes to see me. From there to here to there, it IS happening. This IS the Lord’s doing…and His nearness, His love, His comfort means everything in this season of straight-line-to-circle.

He is the Lord of Heaven and Earth. He is the Holy One, the Sovereign One…the King of kings. And, He is the Lord of this queen. Selah…

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