The Manner of Holy Women

FROM THE INSIDE OUT ~ 1 Peter 3: 2-6 and 1 Samuel 25:3

Welcome, again, to the first month of our new series, Abigail’s Call.

What we say comes from what fills our hearts. Esther taught us in the previous Queen Life series that our real power lies in our ability to submit and yield to God. Abigail’s Call is about learning how to talk in a way that positively influences others. We will study Abigail, her example, and the words God gave her to calm an angry king. The way we will learn God’s wisdom in our speech is to examine what fills our hearts. We work from the inside out.

First, let’s consider the five things that make up the way or the manner of holy women who trusted God, according to the passage in 1 Peter 3 (from

  1. Chaste conversation & fear ~ clean behavior, innocent & modest conduct
  2. Meek & quiet spirit ~ humble & gentle; keeping one’s seat, being still, undisturbed
  3. Subjection ~ submission
  4. Do well ~ have a reputation for doing well
  5. Not afraid with any amazement ~ no alarm in the face of terror

These things are worked into us from the inside out completely a work of grace. What is grace? More than unmerited favor (which applies here too!), it is the divine influence upon the heart and life. It is God helping us to have better character. Consider praying this simple prayer:

Lord, mark me with the manner of holy women from the inside out, fill up my heart so that my speech influences others toward You. Amen.

In our introduction to Abigail, we learn another description for the holy women of old who trusted God. 1 Samuel 25: 3 says about Abigail that

she was a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance:

I hope you know that is loaded! What is the character of a woman of good understanding?

  1. Discretion: shows good judgment; able to observe prudent silence
  2. Prudence: shrewd in managing practical affairs
  3. Wisdom: Aware of what’s going on
  4. Intelligence: Capacity for knowledge
  5. Circumspect: Carefully considers circumstances and their consequences

This is what we will pick apart, delve into, and BECOME over the next six months. Are you ready?!

LORD, ADORN MY HEART ~ 1 Peter 3:3-4 and 1 Samuel 25:12-18

Adorning is the act of orderly arrangement. Peter says our adorning should be inside first, that of the heart. One of the ways we do this is developing a meek and quiet spirit. Abigail shows us how to do it. Let’s do a short word study.

Meek ~ humble, gentle; strength under control

Quiet ~ an undisturbed spirit

In 1 Samuel 25, we pick up in verse 12 and find that Nabal offended David by denying the request of his delegation for food for all David’s men. David purposed to kill everyone in Nabal’s house. One of Nabal’s young men informed Abigail, and quickly prepared provisions for David and his men, and set off to meet him and prevent a mass murder.

Refer to the marks of a woman of good understanding… Abigail was PRUDENT; she was capable to manage the servants and gather the large quantities of food for David and his men. She used DISCRETION; she showed good judgment in acting alone. She had no time to seek out confirmation or even to pray. She demonstrated WISDOM; Abigail was keenly aware that she was not just feeding a man, but attempting to diffuse  a slaughter. She also knew of David as God’s chosen man. And, she was MEEK in executing in this situation while not berating her husband Nabal.

Now, it is test time! Be AWARE of the opportunities you will have to BE a woman of good understanding and display these qualities. God is going to not only help us, but make us more aware of who we are and the ascension we are all making.

Selah, and God bless.

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