The Talk Test

A friend and “big sister” in ministry shared a principle with me that Abigail’s Call is already proving true: the teacher/preacher must pay for every word we share. We must live it. Experience it. Go “through” it. I extend this to all of us who choose to attend Abigail’s Call. Our theme for the six months of teachings (one hour each month) is “Lord, Teach Us How to Talk.” So, how do you suppose we will be tested?

The circumstances may vary but the principal lesson is the same: the Lord is teaching us how to talk. Part of David’s prayer in Psalm 141:3 is, “Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.” Working from the inside out, our gracious Abba will teach us how to be led in our speech.

Out of the abundance of our hearts we speak either good from good treasure in the heart or we speak bad from bad treasure in the heart (See Luke 6:45). Join us on this journey-sisters AND brothers-for transformation is guaranteed as we submit to Holy Spirit and follow the pattern set before us.

This is a grace walk. We see and acknowledge our need for God’s help in our hearts. We rely solely on Him through the means He chooses to help us, change us, and anoint us to speak in ways that influence people toward Him and His will.

No pencils needed.  And, looking on our neighbor’s paper will do no good. We look up to the hills for our help (See Psalm 121:1). We look up for the redemption of our soulish reactions (See Luke 21:28). And we throw ourselves on the mercy of our Father, who invites us to be transformed.

I’m already in it. There’s no turning back now. We break the ties of contentious -speech-from-contentious-thought. We revoke the permission we gave our souls to lead us. We yield to Holy Spirit to lead us. We walk worthy of our vocation.

The Queen Life continues…I am confident Abigail will lead us well.

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