Esther 2:16-17

Transition, by definition, means movement, passage or change from one position, state, place, subject, stage or concept to another. It is change. It comes from a word that means a going across or to transit. Synonyms: progress, shift, realignment, transformation, turning point, upheaval, flux, conversion, metamorphosis

What this says to me above all is that transition is active! The significance of that statement is this: much of what we call “transition” may still be the preparation phase. To be in transition is to be moving and changing. It is growth.

In this part of Esther’s story, we witness her “final” transition in two parts.

Transition into the House Royal (v. 16)

“So Esther was taken unto king Ahasuerus into his house royal…” She was brought to the king in his house. In other words, Esther’s promotion to the house royal is to get her to the king. That word royal means to ascend the throne.

Royal House vs. House Royal – IF THE VERSE SAID Esther was taken into the royal house, it would refer to only the name and lineage of the king. If the Scripture read this way, then Esther’s journey was about becoming queen alone. BUT BECAUSE IT READS “HOUSE ROYAL” providence is realized because Esther is not taken into a name only, but to a king in a house. “House Royal” qualifies the environment.

Her transition into the house royal is the beginning of her ascension.

old gold crownTransition Under the Royal Crown (v. 17)

If the house royal is about status, then the royal crown is about position and new identity. Esther was loved above all women, and obtained grace and favor more than all virgins. For these reasons, she transitioned into a vacated position as queen. The crown is tangible evidence of her promotion for public affirmation.  The people revered her, Hegai favored her and the king favored Esther as a candidate. But now it is necessary to show she is queen…by the crown, given at the hands of the king.

Don’t settle with just the favor. The crown is the tangible mark of your reign!

A Note About the Month Tebeth: It corresponds to December-January on our Western calendar. Esther 2:16 says this was the 10th month, the time when Esther ascended. It is no accident that we conclude Esther’s Call with these verses and in this month of December, 2010. We are in the time of ascension.

Let’s let the King of Kings take us up, promote us, and establish us in His house and under His authority!

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  1. Thank you Shaunta. As always the Spirit leads you to have your hand on the pulse of issues all women face. I send you my appreciation. Meditation will continue. There is much bread to consume and share.

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