Understanding Favor

Esther received three kinds of favor: Hegai’s favor, the people’s favor, and the king’s favor.

Obtaining Hegai’s & The People’s Favor – Esther 2:9, 15

Hegai’s favor is kindness in and through the purification process. The favor from the people is admiration and reverence. Esther obtained this favor. Obtained here means received, accepted, and conferred upon. The suggestion here is that Hegai and the people offered their favor, and Esther accepted. She received it. She didn’t work for it. She didn’t campaign for it. She didn’t arrange it through her contacts and connections. She didn’t manipulate anyone. She didn’t coerce through guilt trips or flattery. She simply received and accepted favor.

Principle #1: Favor is not necessarily born from intimate relationships. Don’t look to only the close relationships in your life. People will be compelled to show favor. Favor is the acknowledgement of your reigning ability before you take your throne.

Principle #2: True humility obtains the favor and gives God glory. No more speeches about our unworthiness. Hegai sees your worth. The people see your value. They want to show favor. Let’s not disqualify ourselves through false humility. False humility is pride. God resists the proud (James 4:6b).

Definition of false – a substitute for the real thing; deceptive or misleading. [See Proverbs 29:23]

The King’s Favor – Esther 2:17

The difference between Hegai’s favor, the people’s favor and the King’s favor is this:

  • Hegai’s favor is appointed, but temporary. In the rigorous purification process Hegai’s leadership and kind acts of encouragement is crucial.
  • The people’s favor is popular, by limited by resource and ability. The people can only give what they can give. Their favor extends to the limits of their resources and abilities.
  • The King’s favor is permanent, and will change our lives! We obtain the king’s grace and favor. In His favor is divine life for the transition (Psalm 30:5). His favor crown us, the righteous (Psalm 5:12).

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