The Purification of a Queen

Esther 2:1-4, 12

These two calls were the the most non-traditional of the calls, especially since they were about purity. It turned out that the key word under this theme was providence. Keep reading…you’ll see why!

The Command for Purity

One event set another chain of events in motion to get Esther in position to be chosen among the chosen. Vashti’s non-compliance to the king’s command to show herself caused a door to be open for other potential queens. Counselors convinced the king to send for all the beautiful virgins in the kingdom and then choose the one that pleases him to be queen.

All these girls brought into the palace and only one would be queen. Esther was part of this great group of maidens to get to the place of choosing…the palace. She was noticeably different to gain Hegai’s favor and the favor of all who saw her. She was set up for her ascension.

Providence – The Purpose of Purity

Definition – divine guidance or care

It comes from a word provident which means making provision for the future. God chose Esther as a down payment or a guarantee or a provision for the future when she would save her people. This was the purpose of purification – for Esther to become queen. As for you and me, God is using our lives in our CALLED FIELD (not our chosen one) and our current processes are all for THEN. It is providence in action.

It is the purpose of purity (or the purification processes) to make us even more suitable for Kingdom living. God creates an elaborate production with and enormous slate of participating players in a unique set of circumstances to get YOU (and me) in position for the process. He sets one or more people in the path, employees of the Kingdom to provide for my need and ensure greater life is the result of the purification. All of this is for our encounter with the King. Instead of a night we have a season. We do not know when it is coming, but we are continually preparing for it…living ON purpose and FOR purpose.



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