Your Influence as Queen

Esther 2:8-9

Submission as one of Esther’s distinguishing characteristics was the theme of the next two calls. By definition, submission is not power alone, but the power to influence thought and behavior. Esther’s example of influence was twofold. She submitted IN authority and she submitted UNDER authority.

What’s meant by IN authority? The word “in” indicates position and means “located inside or within.” Submission for Esther was an internal quality that caused her to stand out, gain favor, and have charge over seven choice maidens. It was also inside the authority of another person. Submission helped Esther give her life and future to Hegai.

Who Is Your Hegai?

This is where the teaching took a “revelation turn.”

Hegai was the keeper of the women. Keeper is the Hebrew word shamar and means “to hedge about as with thorns, to guard, protect and preserve.” Esther was placed in his custody; custody means “the open hand of power, means and direction.” Esther was placed in the hand of one graced to preserve and guard her, and who had influence with the king. This was Hegai.

Hegai is graced with three things:

1. The ability to protect you

2. The provision to favor you

3.  A vision of your purification process.

Because of his position as the keeper of the women, Hegai has the authority to protect you. At his disposal is what is necessary to nourish you. And, Hegai knows the process of purification far better than you. He has the vision and is equipped to guide you to a successful encounter with the king.


Another Hegai Application

Hegai is also the king’s chamberlain. He is the trusted personal servant of the king. He serves and is loyal to the king. More than the king’s ear, he has the king’s heart and understands his likes, etc.

The principle here was to only trust your encounter to one who lives in the presence of the King. Take no counsel from one who the King does not trust (we know this by their fruit…which reflects access to the King. See John 15:4-5.). Esther’s search of what the king wants with Hegai shows great wisdom.

Note here as well that Hegai is NOT Esther. Hegai is in place FOR Esther. If you consider one to be your Hegai who is also in process to becoming queen, then she is not your Hegai. She may be a mentor or encourager.

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