the role of queen

what makes her queen? two things: being born royal and marrying into a royal line. two examples: Michal and Esther. what about in terms of relationship? she may call him “king” to encourage or exhort him on to greatness. but even in that, what makes her queen?

what is her role, her function? just to support a king? just to sit alongside? what are her “royal duties?” is she seen only, and not heard? if she speaks, when she speaks, what does she say? and when she says it, must it coddle and stroke a king’s ego to get optimum results? and if the objective is met, is she lesser for it? i mean, is she less than?  if she’s right does she ever get credit? or is her support role designed to be continually a sacrificing of self? …just asking…

i’m confronted of late with the real role of a queen. esther “bet it all” on one encounter with Ahasuerus. abigail graveled before  David and interceded and smooth talked and many were allowed to live.  ahinoam was the first wife (of David) and yet remains nameless, the mother of absalom. bernice was evil. herodias was evil acting. claudia influenced Pilate not to condemn Jesus…hence the washing of his hands.

what does this tell us? humility comes with queen-life. changing and conforming and graveling and remaining nameless and being influential in the lives and operations of kings. maybe this is my real issue. i want to see kings change. i want to make demands of kings. i want someone who honors me as a queen to see the pain of a real scouring, and not demand for another one!

what else does this tell us? the queen-life requires a lady to count the costs. to see the “bigger picture.” to be all things to a king. (period) not if he thanks you. not if he recognizes you (or the acts of service). not even if he comes back minutes or days later with a new idea that you planted…and then plays it off as his. so what is the cost? death. how much does a lady want to die? die to her self. to her agenda. to her way. and live for what? the agenda of the king? i’m not sure how to answer that one…maybe.

an, is there anything else it tells us? i think so. i think it says that the queen-life requires one to stay true to herself.  i’m currently preparing for one of the biggest life transitions ever. and, in the last month to two months, i’ve received the same encouragement and exhortation through different vessels– DO. NOT. CHANGE. whatever you do, they tell me, don’t let yourself be molded into some creature you won’t recognize later (and they meant the near future). don’t compromise on you, they tell me. and i tell you that as well. esther is the perfect example that there are great things planted in us that we bring to the table. and often, we may bend on the formation of those things we ourselves have not fully explored or developed. what a shame…. the role of a queen requires personality.


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